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Learn how The Maximum Choice Home Buying System™ can save you up to tens of thousands of dollars on the perfect home and the perfect loan

When it comes to buying and financing a home there are literally hundreds of choices to make. Here's a short list of some of the choices related to your home purchase:





Choices have Consequences

  1. The Perfect Home at the Right Price™
  2. Save thousands or tens of thousands on the price
  3. Save days of wasted time by avoiding homes that don’t match your needs
  4. Have complete information to make informed decisions
  5. Make a smart initial offer with the right contingency strategies
  6. Negotiate from a position of strength
  7. Save thousands by choosing the right loan and lender

  1. Inadequate search strategy limits your home choices
  2. Pay too much for your home by thousands or tens of thousands
  3. Weak negotiation strategy
  4. Misguided initial offer and/or counter offers
  5. Lose the home you wanted through poor negotiation and lack of expertise
  6. Pay too much for your loan
  7. Home has poor appreciation and limited resale potential

The Maximum Choice Home Buying System™ helps you make
smart choices through better process, better information
and a team of highly trained real estate experts.


It's Your Money - Invest it Wisely


If you're like most people, purchasing a home represents one of the largest investments (if not the largest investment) you'll ever make. If you are about to commit to paying for a home for as long as 30 years doesn't it make sense to that your REALTOR should provide you with all of the information you need to make the most prudent and informed choices?


The Maximum Choice Home Buying System™
-- The Smart Way to Buy a Home


The real estate market has a long history of financially rewarding buyers who were either lucky or smart enough to buy at the right time and/or at the right price. The real estate bubble of the recent past was based more on speculation and less on real estate market knowledge.

The truth is that smart buyers need to make smart choices. It's shocking that considering the price of today's homes that few buyers or real estate agents have a proven, repeatable process to help buyers identify and sort through the hundreds of variables that go into making a prudent financial and lifestyle choice.

The Maximum Choice Home Buying System™ has been specifically created to help you make more informed, conscious, and prudent real estate decisions that balance your lifestyle needs with smart financial decisions.

If you were hiring a financial consultant to invest your retirement money wouldn't you want to hire someone with proven expert knowledge who could demonstrate to you the financial investment systems and process they use to invest your money? Why should it be any different with your REALTOR.


Choose an Expert -- Less than 1% of REALTORS are
exclusively licensed to use The Maximum Choice Home Buying System™


Only a few real estate professionals in each area have been selected and trained to use this exclusive nationally branded home buying system. Each agent must commit to a rigorous training and education program that requires hundreds of hours of training annually to master each element of the home buying process.

Selecting the right real estate agent could be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. You could be risking one of the largest investments of your life by choosing an agent who is not trained in The Maximum Choice Home Buying System™.

The future of home buying belongs to real estate professionals who are true experts in the entire process of buying your property from:

  • Understanding economic and housing market research
  • Identifying your true lifestyle/quality of life needs
  • Smart search and selection process
  • Evaluating lenders, loan options and fees
  • Assessing future homeownership costs and responsibilities
  • Analyzing "Your Home as an Investment" scenarios
  • Negotiation and offer strategies
  • Property due diligence process
  • Closing & Legal Process
  • Expert vendor selection
  • Helping you save time, money and stress moving into your home
  • Resources to make your future home ownership experience more enjoyable

If you're ready to Find Your Perfect Home at the Right Price™ then call me today or click here for a no-obligation consultation.


Special FREE Offer:

The Ultimate Home Buyer's Guide:

How to Avoid the 23 Most
Costly Home Buyer Mistakes

Save up to Thousands to Tens of Thousands of Dollars
By Making Smart Home Buying Decisions

Here's just a sample of the 23 most costly home buyers mistakes that you will learn how to avoid when you read this report:

  • Underestimating short term and long-term financial costs and obligations of purchasing a home. Did you know that a loan for $250,000 at 5.5% interest, with 0.5% PMI and 1.75% property tax rate will cost more than $679,000 over 30 years? A home is often a great investment but it’s important to precisely know the complete home buying math to make the most informed decisions.

  • Overpaying for your home — buyers often leave thousands to tens of thousands of dollars on the negotiating table due to weak negotiating strategies, lack of negotiation expertise or lack of proper due diligence on the property they are buying.

  • Choosing the wrong lender, the wrong loan officer and the wrong loan type — buyers are often shocked to learn that they may be paying outrageous fees and back end commissions that they finance over 30 years. The truth is that often the loan costs are more important than pushing the sellers for one more price reduction. Learn how to avoid these financial time bombs.

  • Hiring the wrong home inspector — if you’re paying hundreds of thousands over the life of your loan doesn’t it make sense to know exactly the condition of the home you are buying?

    Too many buyers make the mistake of getting a standard home inspection without understanding that your home inspection is only as good as the expertise and experience of the your home inspector. An expert home inspection is your best insurance against buying a “bottomless money pit” as well as a great negotiating tool. Learn how to avoid the most common home inspection mistakes that could cost you thousands.

  • Not viewing your home as an investment— For most Americans, their personal home is the single largest component of their wealth. Doesn’t it make sense then, that you should evaluate how this investment might perform? You’ll want consider the appreciation potential of the home and the fundamentals that drive value over time.

    After all, if you could add tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to your net worth by choosing the right home, wouldn’t you want to have complete information about the factors that effect the future appreciation of your home? Discover how to avoid losing tens of thousands or more by avoiding the mistake of choosing a home with poor appreciation potential.


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